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a little acoustic the 128k stream deserves

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And the web team and everybody else involved deserves a big thank you !
Lately I stated that my desk was "happily quaking" with the new
deluxe stream. That of course would be a waste of the great quality.
So I started experimenting a little and ended up with this:
My speakers which are not of that super tiny kind now each sit on a chunk of foam which decouples them from the desk and they are also standing away from the wall.
The sub (woofer) located on the floor underneath the desk sits on 4 tennis balls - I just don't know if the people living underneath do like G. Porter Jr. The sub itself is turned 90° so it does not "blow" into the carpet as designed but blasts into the room.
All that lets me enjoy the 128k to the max and gives an amazing great and clear sound for such small equipment.
In that sense OZ managed to even get better as the unchallenged and unbeatable program now comes in adequate quality.
Thanks again.

Thanks from the Web Team

Hi L93,
Thanks for the kudos! It had been a priority for us, and we're glad to be able to do it -- but the real thanks go to our members, without whose generous support the new stream wouldn't be possible.

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