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Jam Sessions

Does anyone know of places that someone can play with a Jam Session? A young friend will be visiting the first weekend in April and would like to bring his guitar and play with some locals.
I also have a friends that lives here that is always looking for the same thing.

Type of music played?

There is a Jazz Jam at Old Point with some regularity. And a Blues Jam every Wed at Deck Bar. Also a Blues Jam the last Thursday of each month at Ruby's in Mandeville.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

Jam sessions

I recommend (and participate regularly in) the Deckbar Blues Jam Wednesdays at 1715 Jefferson Highway, also the Monday Night Super Jam at Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street. Trombonist Stephen Walker usually lets people sit in at his Wednesday night gig at the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen, that's more of a cutting session for jazz pros.

Jam session

I am the father of a thirteen year old blues/rock Guitar player. It is very difficult finding a venue to play as most bars and clubs don't permit kids. Are there any jam sessions or musicians looking for a very talented kid?


The Deckbar and Grille (1715 Jefferson Hwy) blues jam on Wednesday nights... we've had young'uns in there before, and it's always a treat! Bring him by, they have no problem lettin' him in to play as long as you're with him...

Jam sessions

Mike, Thanks! We went last week and it was great, lots of talented musicians. Hunter also played with Andre Bouvier on Monday at the Crazy Lobster. We will also checkout Cafe Negril.....Steve

As of 2015...

I've found a few good jam sessions and they all happen to be on Monday (best day of the night here it seems)

8:00 Bluegrass jam at the Hi-Ho

This one is awesome...welcoming group. Songs mostly major chords in G, C, or D. Lots of talented musicians and good vibes/free red beans and rice for pickers

8:00 Blue jam at BMC

Haven't been to this one yet but hoping to check it out. Heard it's cool

10:00 Funk Jam @ 30 90 on Frenchman

Some damn good musicians at this one. You should be able to play funk songs by ear and do your best to sound groovy...I was lucky they gave me a I IV V song lol.

Oh also there's an open jam session at the stage at Plan C Warehouse in MidCity on Tuesdays. Sweet place...very DIY. I play there often.

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