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My visit to New Orleans

Hi to everyone. I'm an Argentinian guy, 46 years old. Last December I visited for the first time in my life this beautifull city, New Orleans. Imagine how important it was for me to be there and have the opportunity to hear people like D. Harrison or Chris Scott playing at Snug Harbour!!!! Unfortunatelly it was impossible for me to hear and see Ellis Marsalis because he didn't play the days I was there I love this city and all the music you can breath in every corner...
Jazz is beatifull, jazz is happiness. I don´t want to bore you, but it was important for me to say you, people from New Orleans, thank you for the special week I spend there. Hope to see you soon again!!!

Come back soon!

Believe me, we're as excited that you came as you were to be here!

You're lucky you missed the few days where garbage collection in the French Quarter was partially suspended... that's one corner you didn't want to breathe in.

Thankfully we are now back to our sweet-smelling selves.

Come back soon, and in the meantime, listen to our live broadcasts online -- I caught Jesse McBride and the Next Generation broadcast live from Snug Harbor a few days ago, and it was an incredible show!

Thanks Mike

It was a pleassure reading you. I will follow your comment and try to hear WWOZ online every time I can.
Of course I'm thinking now on return asap.

Best regards,


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