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Show Review Dec. 6th - Fatter than Albert Vinyl Release

My name is Kyle I feel what this city is missing is show reviews. So I have
decided I’m going take the ball in my court and review the shows that I go to. Ok so its been a while since I did a review but I don't really have that much time on my hands.

Fatter than Albert Vinyl Release!

Shoot The Daily Edit
Fatter Than Albert

Location: Vintage Uptown

Date: December 6th, 2008

Venue: Lets me talk about the venue for a sec. I think this is an absolutely great venue. The room showed just the right amount of class for a show like this. The projection screen in the back made the band more fun to watch and the room size and shape was perfect.

I seem to be following the Shoot the Daily Edit guys around, but lets talk
about these guys. Improvement, thats right they got better. Its nice to see bands that work hard, and that's what these guys showed me at this show. Even though they have some rough parts still they got better. The band had about 60 people watching them with a lot of dancing. So to the entire crew I say good job on improving but there is still work to be done. Then I come upon the band Safety. I would have to say this was the best performance of the night in my opinion. Not the most watched but they rocked. What I really liked about these guys was about 40 people watched them but they played as though the room was packed. Very energetic, I really enjoyed them. If you haven't heard them I would suggest taking a listen. Then came the band everyone was there to see. Fatter than Albert. As a huge supporter of the band, this show made me never want to see them again. The saxophone player/singer was drunk and missing every note. With what seemed like 150 people watching them when they started and 80 when they finished. It was a bad performance. It sounded like a screaming cat that was chained up and kicked over and over again. Every time that man decided to sing I wanted to push him off stage. I don't understand why a show this important would be played this badly, but it was. On the other hand I will say they put out a flyer for the show of their "hiatus", and I guess if I was in a band about to go on hiatus I wouldn't care either.

I would love to come to your shows and do reviews on them. I am going to try and stay unbiased towards bands so don't expect to meet me after the show. Subscribe to my blog on myspace at or Please e-mail me at with any flyer you

want me to come to. If you have any comment or suggestions on what i wrote or even if you just agree i would love to hear about it. send me an e-mail.
Thank you so much for reading,

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Woof, sounds like a rough

Woof, sounds like a rough show... Every band has its off-days though. ;)

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