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Contest: What Do You Do with Your Brass Pass?

Contest Update

A winner has been selected. Check back this Fall for an article where we share the pictures and stories from the winner and the runners-up.

It's a very important piece of metal during the Jazz and Heritage Festival, but is it good for anything else? Come take a look at what other Brass Passers have done with their bronze trinket, and send us a picture of yours. If we like it, you win!

photo of WWOZ umbrellaWhat do you do with your Brass or Over Pass after Jazz Fest? Some use it as a key chain, while others just hang it on a hook and forget about it. Have you done something special with this years' and maybe the other Brass or Over Passes you've had over the years?

Send us a picture of what you have done with your pass, and if we think yours is the best idea, we'll send you a special WWOZ prize, a full-sized WWOZ umbrella. Send your pictures to by July 16, 2008.


what happened to this contest?

I sent my practice, with picture, of embedding my brass pass in my Jazz Fest Poster mat.

I have never heard anything more of this contest

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