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Mardi Gras Indian Practices - Sunday, March 2

Sun, Mar 2, 2014
6:00pm - 10:00pm


This is the last Sunday before Mardi Gras Day! Get out and enjoy Mardi Gras Indian song, dance and ritual confrontations.

Big Chief Darryl Montana, Yellow Pocahontas 6:00pm

Basin St. Lounge, 1600 Basin Street

Big Chief David Montana, Washitaw Nation   6:00pm

Club Caribbean, 2441 Bayou Road

Big Chief Tyrone Casby, Mohawk Hunters     7:00pm

Ramsey's Place, 1300 Nunez St (Algiers)

Big Chief Tyrone Stevenson, Monogram Hunters 7:30pm

Sweet Lorraine's, 1931 St. Claude Avenue

Flaming Arrow                                           9:00pm

Kermit's Treme Mother-in-Law Lounge, 1500 N. Claiborne

Unified Mardi Gras Indian Practice                 9:00pm

Handa Wanda's, 2425 Dryades Street


Uptown, Downtown, All around town!
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