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NOYSE Master's Series - with Davell Crawford

Sat, Feb 22, 2014
1:00pm - 2:30pm

NOYSE! New Orleans Youth Sound Experience presents: 2014 Masters Class Series

in conjunction with the U.S. Nation Jazz Historic Park

MASTERS PROGRAM: Davell Crawford presents the piano and keyboard. This master class is open to the public! Current and graduated NOYSE students will be given the hands on opportunity to record local masters who at the same time will give a master class on their respective instrument including a discussion on technical, historical, cultural, practical and artistic aspects of their instrument. The class will include the master playing his instrument and the NOYSE students will record a track at the end of the class. Each subsequent class will build atop the previous tracks to produce a final mix-down at the end of the series. By learning some local lore and meet living legends in person, the students can obtain a greater outlook into the community that is New Orleans.

The program will run February – April 2014 with a final presentation.


Old US Mint - 3rd Floor Studio
400 Esplanade Ave. 3rd Floor Studio
New Orleans, LA 70116


Davell Crawford
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