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NOYSE Master's Series - Master Class and Recording Session

Sat, Feb 15, 2014
1:00pm - 2:30pm

New Orleans Youth Sound Experience presents: 2014 Masters Class Series - in conjunction with the U.S. National Jazz Historic Park
We are inviting you and your students to join us for a seven week Masters Class series.
Classes are targeted to young musicians and sound engineers and are free and open to the general public.
Saturday, 8 February at 1:00pm – Herlin Riley
Saturday, 15 February at 1:00pm – Roland Guerin
Saturday, 22 February at 1:00pm – Davell Crawford
MASTERS PROGRAM: The classes are open to the public and cater especially to young students of music and are open to all non-profit and in-school music programs. The students will hear each instrument live as played by a master and will hear a discussion and gain an appreciation for the techniques and difficulties which arrive in producing a high fidelity recording. By learning some local lore and meet living legends in person, the students can obtain a greater outlook into the community that is New Orleans.


US Mint/ US National Jazz Historic Park New Orleans, LA 70116


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