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Original Big Seven Annual Mother's Day Parade

Sun, May 11, 2014 1:00pm

Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club

18th Annual Mothers Day Parade 


Original Big Seven Junior Steppers 

Original Big Seven Snyder Steppers


"We Wrote The Book Of Love" 


Date: May 11, 2014  

Formation Time: 12 noon

Start Time: 1:00pm 

King Kenneths Simms
Royal Court
Kentrell Simms, Gary Simms,
Randy Lee, David Raymond,
Lewis Moore, Loinell Comuche,
Terry Pierre 
Queen Olantha Scott
Royal Court
Ladies With Sophistication
Terry Smith, Jonel Robinson,
Anitra Dauphine, Melissa Branch,
Kendra Hays, Jazzy Englave,
Cora Sterling, Alisha Bush,
Tara Riley, Jessell Watson 
Jr King - Ferdinand Snyder 111
Jr Queen - Alosie Perry
Big Shot—Justin
Start: 1825 Elysian Fields Ave home of the Original Big Seven Culture & Heritage out towards N. Miro St left on N. Miro to A.P Tureaud right on A.P Tureaud to N. Broad St right on N. Broad St.
STOP @ "Spice Bar & Grill" out N. Broad St to St Bernard Ave left onto St Bernard Ave
Stop @ Tonti & St Bernard "Men Of Integrity" U turn onto Tonti to A.P Tureaud Blvd right onto A.P Tureaud Blvd.
Stop @ "Groove City Bar" out A.P Tureaud Blvd towards St Bernard Ave left turn on St Bernard Ave to N. Claiborne right onto N. Claiborne to Columbus St u turn on N. Claiborne.
Stop @ "Kermit's Mother in Law Lounge" N. Claiborne to St Bernard right on St Bernard to N. Villere St right on N. Villere St up to Elysian Fields Ave right on Elysian Fields Ave to Saint Claude Ave right on St Saint Claude Ave to St Bernard Ave down St Bernard Ave to
Disband @ "Justine's Next Stop" 
Special Thanks To:
Norman Dixon Foundation, N.0 Musicians Clinic, Jazz & Heritage Foundation,
First Ladies Nuff Said S&P, Sistaz By Choice S&P, Men Of Integrity S&P, Undefeated Divas S&P,
Spice Bar & Grill, Justine's Next Stop, Groove City Bar, Kermit's Mother-in-Law Lounge,
Sweet Home N.O, Fight Back Center, Confederate of Cruisers 


"Action" Jackson with Edward Buckner at WWOZ
Original Big 7, Original Big Seven, route sheet
Edward Buckner, President of the Original Big Seven, Mother's Day 2013 (Photo by Christy Grimes)
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