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Lady Jetsetters 25th Anniversary Parade

Sun, Jan 12, 2014 12:00pm

25 Years Embracing the Cultural with Love, Family, & Friends

In Remembrance of: Sadiki "Diki" Navarre (Mascot)

Alpha: 12/19/88 - Omega: 03/12/13


Lady Jetsetters'

25th Anniversary Parade

January 12, 2014 @ 12 - noon


Presenting: 2014 King Big Chief Darold Gordon & His Royal Court


Jetsetter's Guest: The Original Jazzy Ladies

Featuring: Stooges Brass Band


Start & Formation: 3704 Earhart Blvd down Earhart Blvd to Galvez St., turn right on Galvez St., down Galvez St. to M.L. King Blvd., turn right on M.L. King Blvd. to South Dorgenois St., left on South Dorgenois St. to Washington Ave., left on Washington Ave.

Stop: Tapps's II out Washington to Claiborne Ave., left on Claiborne Ave. to M.L. King Blvd., right to Robertson St.

Stop: S&S/Club Bali out M.L. King Blvd. to Simon Bolivar, right on Simon Bolivar to Louisiana Ave., right LA Ave., out LA Ave. to Freret St., left on Freret St. to Gen. Taylor St., right on Gen. Taylor St., right on Gen. Taylor to Magnolia St.

Stop: Silky's (King's Toast) Mr. Darold Gordon out Magnolia St. to LA Ave., right on LA Ave., out LA Ave. to Saratoga St., right on Saratoga st. to Delachaise St., left on Delachaise St. to Dryades St.

Stop: Gladstone Lounge out Dryades St. to LA Ave. Cross LA Ave. on Dryades St., out Dryades St. to 7th St.

Stop: House of Blues out Dryades St. to Washington ave., left on Washington Ave., out Washington Ave.  to Saratoga St., right on Saratoga St. to 3rd St., right on 3rd St. to Danneel St.

Stop: Uptown Bar/Bean Brothers out 3rd St. to Dryades St., out Dryades to 2nd St.

Sportsman's Corner DISBAND


Officers: Naomi Gibson - Founder

Jacqueline Bullock - President

Joycelyn Parker - Vice President

Demetrice Parker - Business Manager

Shelia Gibson/Co-Chairwoman


Remember: be your Brother's and Sister's Keeper, Not Their Killer. Live Responsibly. Leave Your Attitudes, Weapons, and Pets Behind. Have a Nice Day!

The Lady Jetsetter's Thanks the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Norman Dixon Foundation, Supporters & Neighborhood Bars.

Stooges Brass Band
Stooges Brass Band at the Lady Jetsetters' Parade in 2013. Photo by MRM.
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