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Divine Ladies Parade

Sun, May 19, 2013
1:00pm - 5:00pm

**PLEASE NOTE** that the Divine Ladies are dedicating this parade to Stopping the Violence, all of the victims from last Sunday's shooting and, with extra special love, to Deborah Cotton.


Divine Ladies S&P Club & Unbreakable Men S&P Club
"Sitting On Top of The World, Overlooking Our Haters"

Sunday May 19, 2013 (Divine Day)

Formation of the Show: 12:30pm

Divine Ladies S&P Club King 2013:
Mr. Rodney Armstrong
Unbreakable Men S&P Clube Queen 2013:
Ms. Dareyon "Spaghetti" Nealy

START AS ALWAYS: ST. CHARLES AVE & JACKSON AVE. Proceed up St. Charles Avenue to Louisiana Avenue. Turn RIGHT onto Louisiana Avenue. Proceed up Louisiana Avenue, turn RIGHT onto Dryades Street. Continue up Dryades Street. STOP: JOE'S HOUSE OF BLUES (PICK UP QUEEN & KING).

Continue up Dryades to Washington Avenue. STOP: SUDAN S&P CLUB.

Continue up Dryades St onto 2nd Street, turn LEFT on 2nd Street. Proceed up 2nd onto Daneel Street, turn LEFT on Danneel Street. STOP: UPTOWN BAR.

Proceed up Daneel Street to Washington Avenue, turn RIGHT on Washington Avenue. Continue up Washington Avenue to La Salle Street. STOP: SOPHISTICATED DIAMOND DIVAS S&P CLUB.

Turn LEFT onto La Salle Street. Continue up Las Salle Street to Louisiana Avenue. Turn RIGHT onto Louisiana Avenue. Continue up Louisiana Avenue to Magnolia Street, turn LEFT onto Magnolia Street. Continue up Magnolia Street. STOP: SILKY'S BAR (Given by Divine Family & Friends).

Continue out Magnolia Street to General Taylor Street, turn RIGHT onto General Taylor Street. Proceed up General Taylor Street to South Claiborne Avenue, RIGHT onto South Claiborne. Continue out South Claiborne Avenue to Louisiana Avenue. STOP: 9 TIMES S&P CLUB.

Turn RIGHT onto Louisiana Avenue. Proceed up Louisiana Avenue to South Saratoga Street, turn LEFT (PARADE ELEMENTS TURN RIGHT ON FOUCHER STREET). STOP: THE OTHER PLACE (Given by the OG STEPPERS). Yes, we are reaching the end… Continue out Foucher Street to Dryades Street. Cross Louisiana Avenue & Proceed down Dryades Street. DISBAND: JOE'S HOUSE OF BLUES…. THE END!

Divine Ladies For A Day

Sparkling Diamond Divas Social Club

Thanks to the Norman Dixon Sr. Foundation, NO  Jazz & Heritage Fest, all clubs & bars that gave us stops, Shirley from Heart & Soul Daycare, & last but not least, our Father, God Almighty for all of our blessings. PLEASE leave your drama AT HOME… nobody have time for that!!!! Divine Colors 2013: Hot Pink, Turquoise, & Citrus Green.


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