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Original Big Seven Parade

Sun, May 12, 2013
1:00pm - 5:00pm

WWOZ's deepest prayers go out to all the gunshot victims, their families, anyone else hurt in the Mother's Day Parade violence, all of the second liners and club members traumatized by today's violence and to Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club for having their day that they have prepared so hard for ruined by senseless violence.  We also send out healing prayers to our colleague and cultural advocate, Deborah Cotton, who was shot in today's violence.  We will keep you posted on fundraisers or other efforts to help the victims of today's shooting.  


Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club
Original Big Seven Junior Steppers
Original Big Seven Snyder Steppers

Formation Time - 12:00pm
Starting Time - 1:00pm

Big Shot - Justine
Junior King - Allen Snyder
Junior Queen - Holly Richardson

1825 Elysian Fields Ave - Home of the Original Big Seven Cultural and Heritage Division. Elysian Fields Ave towards N. Robertson St. right turn onto N. Robertson to St. Anthony St. left turn on St. Anthony St.

Stop: Owen House

Out St. Anthony St. towards St. Claude Ave. right turn on St. Claude Ave to St. Bernard Ave. Right turn onto St. Bernard Ave to 1301 St. Bernard Ave.

Stop: Justine's Next Stop

Down St. Bernard Ave. towards Galvez St. - Table Stop St. Bernard & Galvez St.
Continue down St. Bernard towards Gentilly cross Gentilly to 3225 St. Bernard

Stop: Star Touch Carwash

Down St. Bernard Ave. to Senate St. right turn onto Senate St.

Stop: Salute to Mr. Miles

Right turn on Gibson St. up Gibson St. to Lafreniere St. left turn on Lafreniere St. to Hamburg St.

Disband at T.J's Island

Special Thanks to:

Norman Dixon Foundation, Tory Foley's TJ's Island, Justine's Next Stop, New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Sweet Home New Orleans, Clyde's Barber Shop, Mardi Gras Lounge, Fight Back Center and of Confederate of Cruisers



Listen to Edward Buckner, CEO of the Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club

Edward Buckner (right), CEO of the Original Big 7
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