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Wait for it.....or NOT! TENTH annual XXXXXXXmas Xtravaganza

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Tenth annual XXXXXXmas XXXXXtravaganza from 7-10 pm December 23. Plan now to be far, far away from your radio. I can't believe I'm actually scheduling this. Can't even think about having done this for 10 years. It's all Dr. Black Mold's fault. Maybe we can lure him on for a reading of "The Grunch Who Stole Xmas."


Happy Birthday Missy!

Hey, just checked in to get the Twisted Christmas date. Got it.

Got myself an internet radio a year ago and have a preset button for my old fiends at 'OZ so I can play it wall to wall in Carolina del Norte. Will be tuned in. Be well and rock on :)

And many happy returns!

Wha happened?

I'm pretty sure today is the 23rd -- no Twisted Xmas show?

No word on the air?



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