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Casting Spells on Canal Street

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Meanwhiile, back in another part of town,…

A small crowd gathered to see a wild eyed madman torture his guitar until it bled the truth, in red white and blue.

I sat back in the shadows fearing his laser beam eyes would sear a hole through my brain. My head was dizzy and my soul was on fire as the first tones shot from his weapon (cleverly disguised as a flat top guitar)..

Malcolm Holcombe may not be a wizard, maybe he is not a brujo a sorcerer or seer. But he breathes in the air and spits out fire.

He must have been born in a Hurricane, or at least a thunder storm. Maybe he was the seventh son of a seventh son. He practices magic, he casts spells.

But, there’s one thing certain:

Malcolm Holcombe is a genius, he is the Southern Gothic Blues. (He played last night at Chickee Wah Wah and I am sorry if you didn’t make it. )

Photo above credit to http://www.malcolmholcombe.com/

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