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The Battle of New Orleans 09/11

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Program: Morning Set with Valerie the Problem Child

The Battle of New Orleans. 09/11/10


"Providence has showered on this favored land blessings with out number, and has chosen you as the guardians of freedom, to preserve it for the benefit of the human race" - Andrew Jackson

Prayers at Jackson Square with the healers and peoples of various faiths and Indian Nations @ 7 PM

Benefit concert at Tipitina's in the Quarter 8:30 PM (tickets @ tipitinas.com).

Uniting the citizens of the Gulf Coast.

and honoring those who pay the price for man made disasters.

Featuring (among others)

Drew Landry~

Clarence "Tadpole" Henry

Michael Juan Nunez

Bruce Dagrepont

Jonno (of Bayou DeVille)

more TBA!

Also, support your brothers and sisters in South Lousiana by downloading Drew Landry's

BP Blues - now on i Tunes!

Nearly 200 years ago Andrew Jackson joined forces with Jean Lafitte and organized a volunteer force of Native Americans, Baratarian pirates, Southern militia, and free men of color. Defending their homeland-this diverse group of out numbered citizen warriors defeated the British army in one of the most decisive victories in our nations history. Our country is now fighting another man made disaster. But this is not only about the Citizens of the Gulf Coast. Our fight is to preserve the human right to clean air and water. This is not just a fight for the gulf and the Coastal states, but for the entire planet.

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