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All Vinyl - New Orleans Music Show

Joining us today - Nitty Gritty Record Cleaner
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 9:40am

What's your vinyl story?

For me, it was visits to the record store on the weekend. With my allowance and a few extra dollars subsidized by my nana Ingmire, I searched the bins for vinyl like someone on a treasure hunt. Years later, I'd abandoned records for the less substantial, more convenient cassette tape. Life and music became more mobile then. You could make your own mix tapes and travel with a boom box to the basketball court, beach or mall, playing your music as a marker of identity. Innocence was truly lost and vinyl was left behind like an old, broken toy as the "indestructible" compact disc came about. (I remember having friends over to my apartment to show off the new technology. We were convinced that the sound was “better.”) Most people never looked backed at that point.

On today's New Orleans Music Show, we return to vinyl for 3 hours of snap, crackle and pop. August 12th is National Vinyl Day, so please take a moment to remember all those Barbara Streisand and Chicago albums sitting in a thrift store, collecting dust in the garage or stuck in a frame at the Hard Rock.

11am to 2pm (CST)

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