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Brother Dege Rides into Town

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Special Show Air Time:

Friday, August 13, 2010 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Program: The Blues Breakdown with Valerie "The Problem Child" Kacprzak

In the twilight mist, and the waning light of the stormy swamps of my twisted mind there is a place where I can always hear the sound of Brother Dege’s gothic blues.
On his new album “Folk Songs of the American Longhair” angels of death fly over the city as the ominously threatening “chop chop chop” of military copters break the quite heat of the lost city, in it’s biblical flood time.
He cries out to god and laments the pain of “being torn from the god who made me” in the existential angst of “To Fill a Hole”.
Black nights, girls who weep stones, full moons and even very long hot dogs populate his truly original songs.
This is untamed feral folk, the sound of sinking tombstones, in midnight shadows guarded by the Loup Garou and the Couchemal.
Brother Dege who is also heard in darkly named bands like Santeria, and Black Bayou Construkt, is well known in Lafayette. It was kin folk from down there who led me to him. Just as fate would have it, the day I made contact with him, his song “A Hard Row to Hoe” was breaking the TV waves on the show “After the Catch”.
Brother Dege, with his Dobro guitar will be our guest on the Blues Breakdown, Friday, August 13.
Don’t miss it!
credit for the pics, and thanks go to Pavement PR and Brother Dege.

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