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Drew Landry: A Voice for the People

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There is something so incredibly earthy and moving about Drew Landry and his songs. I have been trying to get him to come into the studio, and play and talk on the Blues Breakdown for some time now.

His songs about the life and people of the woods and marshlands of South Louisiana never fail to move me.
When the oil spill happened, his songs seemed more relevant than ever. The threat to the Cajun people, lands and culture seemed more imminent than ever.

So, it was no surprise when I heard that Drew Landry showed up with his Guitar in hand to speak (and play) for the oil spill commission. CNN caught it, and you can view it below (via YouTube).
Thank you Drew, for your voice, and your spirit.

Stay tuned to the Blues Breakdown: Drew Landry will be coming in soon!

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