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Declaration of Independence and Fred Anderson

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The Tone Scientists of the Kitchen Sink tonight will be giving you a double whammy for hard earned money.

1st - as it is that time of year, we will be reading the entire Declaration of Independence to remind you and yours of who we, as a country, are, and what, as a country, is important to us. The 4th of July is coming up, and beyond beer, bbq, baseball, we should reflect on who we are and what we do as the grand collective experiment, 234 years old, known as the United States. Accompanying music will be courtesy of Jimi Hendrix, Kermit "That'll work!" Ruffins, and Dizzy Gillespie

2nd - We'll be mourning the loss of the one of the great saxophonists and jazz community organizers of our time, the great Fred Anderson who left the planet to join the ancestors after 81 trips around the sun. Fred ran the Velvet Lounge in Chicago, a flaming petri dish of avant garde gorgeousness that encouraged several generations of creative musicians to up their game and make some flat out incredible music. He also was an amazing player in his own right, doing many memorable gigs with Kidd Jordan (a great American and world treasure in his own right) that make my heart and brain levitate in vibrating, improvisatory ecstasy. So we'll be playing some of his recordings from the Eremite, Delmark, and Engine labels.

Then next week we'll put on the entire 21st Century Chase record (recorded at Fred's 81st b-day live) so that everyone can hear Fred and Kidd go at it like Bird and Diz, Trane and Pharoah, Little Giant and Lockjaw etc.

More info on the great Fred Anderson here




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