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darryl "dancing man 504 " young

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Check out Darryl " dancing man 504 " Young this weekend @ the Broadmoor fest this Saturday, May 15, 4:30. He'll be @ the opening of the Wilson Charter School, located in Broadmoor. ( He'll also be starting early @ his house across the street from Wilson.
Darryl teaches kids, " of all ages " to 2nd line. He's alot of fun, & a tremendous dancer. Darryl's working with the YMCA after school programs, keeping kids off the streets, & getting them involved in physical fitness, ( without them knowing it !! )
Go to dancingman504 & see what he's all about, I bet you'll like what you see !!
He'll also be @ the Bayou Boogaloo Festival next weekend, both Sat. & Sun.


I love dancing. I like to

I love dancing. I like to watch dancing programme rather than any other programme. I often dance in festival and in my college programme as well. Darryl already came at the Broadmoor and I didn't get the information. Even my friends attend the fest, but they didn't tell me. That time I was out of the station that's why also I couldn't attend the fest. Hope he will again come and I can make the chance to meet him.

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