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A Wager for Rock'n'Roll: Enrique Bunbury

Enrique Bunbury in Houston, 2009.
Bunbury in action in Houston, February, 2009. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Fuentes)
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Do you feel lucky, New Orleans? Well, do you?

It is indeed your lucky day, because you just hit the musical jackpot straight from Spain: Enrique Bunbury will be in town soon.

Who is Mr. Bunbury, you say? Ask the twenty thousand fans that went, along with me, to see him during the reunion tour of his band, HÉROES DEL SILENCIO, in Los Angeles back in 2007, or the two thousand fans that packed the house in Houston last year for his "Hellville De Luxe" show. And what do you think they'll answer? That's real easy: you can always bet on Enrique Bunbury to put on an unforgettable live performance.

Bunbury shot to stardom in the late 1980's as the leader of HÉROES, arguably the biggest rock band that has come out of Spain. His lyrics are usually introspective, they can be broody and somber, or direct and curt, but always brilliant. He has thousands of adoring fans all over the world who have created a cult around the band's recorded legacy after their break-up in 1996. His new material, "Las Consecuencias" (Consequences) has already sold a bunch of copies worlwide. And now he comes back to New Orleans.

He borrows his stage surname from Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest", an identity used when a character wanted to do things of a dubious nature. What is not in doubt, however, is the quality of his shows. He has a commanding presence onstage, and shows the sign of the masters: he makes it look natural and easy, as if I could pick up an instrument and play like he does (and boy, have I tried). He always has a few aces up his sleeve in the form of top-notch musicians (Alvaro Suite and Jordi Mena are guitar monsters) and he likes to play long, sweaty sets.

So, New Orleans, do you feel lucky now? You betcha. This is the perfect chance to see a living legend of Spanish rock.

WHO? - Enrique Bunbury
WHEN? - Wed. May 19, 9 pm
WHERE? - House of Blues

MORE INFO at: www.enriquebunbury.com
and www.houseofblues.com

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