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Jungle Boogie

Jungle scene
Does this inspire you to songs with lyrics words that start with two "O"s?
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Special Show Air Time:

Saturday, March 13, 2010 - 11:54pm - Sunday, March 14, 2010 - 3:00am

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

Plane crash in jungle
Plane crash in jungle - inspiration for the Clover's Stranded in the Jungle?.
Link Wray and Bunker Hill dance party poster - that was a show to see
Music we play Saturday midnight to 3am
Bunker Hill LP cover

Welcome to the Jungle

Why are there so many songs about the "jungle?"  Hundreds of songs from country and western to disco and every style in between. Jungle songs?   Imagine oooga boogas, oongowas, monkey and elephant noises and way too many Tarzan yells all put to music.  

There couldn't be this many musicians who's spent anytime in a jungle so what's their motivation?  

Hell, I don't know and I don't want to flunk my own Ink Blog test by guessing.   But there is plenty of good music about the jungle from folks like - Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Snooks Eaglin, Guitar Slim, Dave Bartholomew... you know the usual Saturday midnight to 3am crowd of musicians.

As always, I'll have interstitial audio clips between songs from the trash-cana of American.   Think of dialog clips from the corniest TV shows to ever decay the culture - George of the Jungle, Tarzan, Mogali, Commander McBragg, Wednesday Munster and Mr. Ed.   Mix and match 'em with each other and the music and we'll supply enough inadvertent messages to break the brain pans of conspiracy theorists for years.  

  That's this Saturday night at midnight until 3am on Sunday morning.




P.S.  We'll also continue our two year string of trying to break the radio sound barrier of one selection per minute over a three hour show.  At 180 SPM the radio tower may fall, your radio may melt or I could spontaneously combust.  We'll show those namby-pamby big babies like Glen Beck how to do real radio.  Yeah - I said it.  Glen Beck wears a seat belt in the radio studio.  

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