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More James Booker birthday programming

A rare triple Booker
A rare triple Booker
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James Booker's music can change your life profoundly

More James Booker to celebrate his birthday (he would have been 70 on December 17th) in a rare Jazz Lunatique reappearance at midnight on Wednesday. That is to say that you'll be able to hear 3 hours of Booker from midnight to 3 AM tonight. We'll take you to Jazz City, hear about his sexiest 1970s celebrities, get the gospel organ medley rolling, maybe some Beatles covers from Stuttgart, and, of course, warn you about the CIA CIA CIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Please listen, and you should even tune in early to hear part II of the Cannabis Cup interview with the Boudin Man Brother Rodrigue and Double A who has nothing to do with the CIA, or so he tells me.


High on Booker

Late-night romp in the catnip, I'm swoonin to these too few hours of James Booker: spittin bout his Mama, bout longevity and vulgarity, bout superstition of inebriants, bout the state of the world, the state of Love, and the state of livin now now now.

Brutha, I know you tellin th'truth.
...No lie.

Bless Booker in his delinquent divinity.
Bless him hallowed shakabuku apotheosis.
Perspicacious virtuoso, the man gotta hold gotta hold gotta Hold!, and they ain't no - ain't NO goin unchangin, forth into the Damp.


"The last laugh is a long, long, looong last laugh."

adore James Booker's songs!

adore James Booker's songs! since I occasionally heard one of them and later found it by mp3 search ! unfortunately have never had an opportunity to see and listen to him live, but I hope this will change;) and you are so right, his music changes your life profoundly and forever!

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