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Danny Barker Centennial Radio Project

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Tonight in its rawest first mix form, the Danny Barker Centennial Radio Project goes on over the airwaves:

10 PM to Midnight on David Kunian's Kitchen Sink show

5 parts - 8 to 12 minutes each - featuring Barker's biography, the Fairview Baptist Church Band, his writing, his musicianship, and his relationship with his wife, Singer Blue Lu Barker. Also feature are short quotes from Barker courtesy of Barker's estate and Esquizito's continuing research on Barker http://bit.ly/45d98b

If you don't know who Danny Barker was, inform your bad selves. I can't tell you everything! Suffice to say, to quote Derek Huston, "They don't make human beings like Danny Barker anymore."


This is great radio.

DK - Thanks for keeping the bar high. Keep this coming.


Great listening

I think I rolled through 2 stop signs because i was so distracted with listening... i literally made a sprint from my car stereo to my home stereo.... Awesome work, Dave

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