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Chatting with Andrew Duhon

Andrew Duhon
Singer / Songwriter Andrew Duhon
Tag(s): 2009 Voodoo Experience

Singer-songwriter Andrew Duhon was sitting in the WWOZ hospitality tent updating his Twitter account, and I chatted him up about his time at Voodoo before he was golfcarted away to the LOA lounge for a VIP performance.

What's your experience been, being a musician from New Orleans, at Voodoo?
It's been nice to see not only familiar faces, familiar because they're in the New Orleans scene, but familiar because they're large acts coming from other places, all mingling in one place. I've enjoyed being able to perform not only as an artist from New Orleans in New Orleans, but on a platform and a venue that reaches out to larger fan base and market. It's playing for the home team, it's your home turf, but a lot of folks are coming from out of town, coming to where I'm from, where I've been from my whole life, what I've been inspired by.

What's your relationship to WWOZ?
I do interviews with Big D, I've done lots of interviews with DJs. The DJs are all very friendly and inviting, they're all very truly supportive and appreciative of New Orleans artists, and catering to New Orleans artists. When it comes to an interview, both Bradley Blanchard and George Ingmire came to my house, and that's cool. Whenever I have a show, I'll send out info to Big D. WWOZ is what I listen to in my car, that's how I keep my pulse on what's happening in the city.

What's the LOA area like?
I scoped it out yesterday, there's a decent little stage out there. I'll be playing solo. A mellow performance, I'm sure. Play some of the songs I didn't get the chance to play yesterday. It's a beautiful day and I'm looking forward to playing some tunes.

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