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LIVE music in Mandeville "Updated due to rain"

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Why are city governments so "NON-SUPPORTIVE" of LIVE music? In Mandeville, Chenier built a new shopping, residential facility on Highway 190. They included in their plans a lovely ampitheater with gazebo for performances. They schedule four live music performance for Thursdays in October, free to the public and invited the neighborhood. The music was/is scheduled for 6:00 to 9:00, ending before the "noise ordenance" requirement of 9PM. Each of the last two weeks the Mandeville Police have come out in response to "a complaint" to shut the music down early. Last week the issue a summons to Louise, the property director at Chenier for a noise violation.

This week it is The Iguanas coming out to Mandeville for some fun. What I am asking is.... Let pack the house. Bring your coolers, chairs, kids dogs, friends, relative, in-laws, outlaws and show the city that we support LIVE MUSIC in Mandeville and everywhere.

Iguanas moved to Nov 5th

And.. next week "Bag Of Donuts"


Postponed till Nov 5th

Due to the weather this concert has been rescheduled to Nov 5th, see ya' then.

Next week, Nov 29 is Bag of Donuts at 6:00 as well

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio.... D

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