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Shooting the Moon!

A Horror in the Rear View Mirror - From Hot Rods To Hell
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Special Show Air Time:

Saturday, October 3, 2009 - 11:59pm - Sunday, October 4, 2009 - 3:00am

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

The Reaction Shot From Inside The Family Car
Every name on this poster went onto Emmy Award fame
Moon with bullet in eye from "A Trip To The Moon"  1902
NASA Animation of Friday's Mission
Preparations at Michoud

This Week's Show Themes

A couple topical themes to tie the music and sound clips together during the fund drive show. Starting with a tragic case of domestic violence between the Earth and its Moon

The Moon Should Have Gotten a Restraining Order On The Earth


I'm hoping we'll all be alive after Friday's attack on the Moon. You must have read about this. Earth is going to shoot the Moon with two giant bullets to see if it is hiding any water. No questioning, no Miranda rights, just shoot first, investigate later.

How could the Earth? They were once together, Moon + Earth = one harmonious planet. It must have been celestial bliss. No looniness. No one eclipsing anyone. No tides. It must have been the time depicted on the Jehovah's Witness brochure. Just lambs, vegan lions and European-looking blonde women refugees-from-a-toga-party all on a picnic.

Then the breakup and wrenching separation. The Moon foolishly stayed close enough to taunt and ripple the Earth's seemingly placid surface. And the Earth belittled the moon as an irrational, cold, pock-marked has-been.

The Moon adjusted but under the Earth's thin crust of a facade, Earth brooded and bubbled like a caldron. So Earth-The-Scorned buys a cheap $79 million dollar gun and shoots the moon with two giant bullets the size of a small spaceship. Tragic.


On Saturday night from midnight to 3am on Sunday morning I'll play music about the Moon from the earlier, happier time before Friday's shooting. Back when the Earth and the Moon would have made Rodney King proud as they "just got along." Back when a simple anger-management class or restraining order might have averted Friday's violence.

Oh don't get smug fellow Earthlings. A gun creates violence but it is not a shield. If the Moon is also packing heat and shoots back we better hope the cross-hairs are on Lou Dobbs' hollow forehead. He's the rabble rouser who created this rabid hatred environment against aliens. Trying to save his washed up career, he is gonna cause the interplanetary violence Morgus always warned us about.

I'm prepared though. When Nagin scares everyone out of town with his "Mother of All Alien Attack" crap I'm gonna be sitting under the "Welcome Aliens" sign I painted on my roof's blue tarp. You flee-ers will be in gridlock hell while I'm back here shopping in the dark. Speaking of driving...




This week's other theme comes from Chris in Houston who wanted a driving music and sound clips show for the fund drive. Maybe an homage to "Hot Rods To Hell," a movie that scared the doo doo out the young Jamie.

For his suggestion, Chris wins the traditional three wishes from the WWOZ genies. Chris, you've gotta submit your wishes in clear writing that can't be misinterpreted if you don't want to become the punch line of a corny joke. (And keep one wish in reserve - just in case.) Remember, the genies feel superior and are absolutely malicious about being stuck in a long-term lease for horribly cramped studio lateran.


Link to the playlist on this web site and its many video links:


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