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HUH!!! Shout it loud - HUH!

Mambo Dancing From The Playlist Links
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It started with that HUH! that was worked your core better than Pilates. It was the key ingredient in mambo music and the mambo was so popular that it worked itself into every musical style imaginable. R&B, blues, jazz and yep plenty of New Orleans music including the classic Mardi Gras Mambo.

Well you missed my broadcast salute to R&B mambos but the playlist from the show has twenty video links to the classic mambo dance films so you can enjoy the visual part of the show you missed. Oh yeah, don't miss the first link where Dinah Shore first makes a verbal argument that Lousiana's music is infected by Caribbean music then brings on Jumbo Al Hirt and Perez Prado to prove it.

Here's the link:


Or navigate to Jamie Dell'Apa's playlist for September 6th and shout "HUH!"


I like most reggae among

I like most reggae among those types of music! I hope your site would post topic more bout it.

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