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Celebrate the 4th of July and Ernie K-Doe Day Early Wednesday Night On Kitchen Sink (10pm to 12am). Burn K-Doe Burn!

Burn K-Doe Burn! and Ms. Antoinette too!!
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The Emperor and Emperess of the Universe
Ernie and the Paradise Ladies want YOU!
Ernie K-Doe and the Paradise Ladies (Ms. Antoinette K-doe and Ms. Tee-Eva Perry) performing in Washington on July 4, 1999. Check out Ben Sandmel's award winning essay on the trip at http://www.louisianafolklife.org/LT/Articles_Essays/mr_k_doe.html

Join us Wednesday night July 1st from 10:00 p.m. to midnight as we Celebrate the lives of Ernie and Miss Antoinette K-Doe.

With the 4th of July and Ernie K-Doe Day approaching we want to remember Ernie and Ms. Antoinette on the upcoming anniversary of Ernie's passing into immortality on July 5, 2001 and Ms. Antoinette's passing on Mardi Gras day Feburary 24th of this year.

"K-Doe Laureate" Ben Sandmel will be our very special guest host and many other special guest are invited.

Tune in for more details!


mother in law lounge

will be down for Satchmo Fest. is the lounge still open at this point? are the hours erratic? thanks all.

Mother In Law Lounge

The Mother In Law Lounge is open!

There is a big show with Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussy Cat this Saturday night the 4th of July.

I noticed that the mural I have for the lead image on this blog has been removed and it looks like some new art work will be painted on the outside of the lounge.

Do make it by, it is well worth it!!

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