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American Taliban

Magazine entitled Cosmo-taliban
Ms. Kabul Tells American Women About Her Religious Enlightenment
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The Stompin Riffraffs - A great band unrelated to the theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQBx9eu6TMc

The Taliban represent a brutal, primitive and uncivilized culture from the other side of the globe but their goofy ideas about women are also well represented in Americana roots music. This Saturday night, we'll play great music despoiled by lyrics that make even throwbacks cringe. To make it a challenge, we'll avoid the treasure trove of country music's large catalog of regressive lyrics.
This Saturday, May 23rd from midnight to Sunday at 3am.
Box Score from the night-to-be:
134 Selections over three hours (1:20 average)
58 songs
75 dialog clips from tv and movies from:
Darth Vader, Harry Potter, Rocket J. Squirrel, Spock, Charlton Heston, Marvin the Martian. Sylvester the Cat, Daria, Magneto, Rick Blaine, Dorothy, Paul Harvey, Haley Joel Osmond, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, too many preachers, Kurtz (not the Kunian version), Peter Graves, The Tick, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funacello, Butch Patrick and Lurch Munster, Ricky Ricardo and more
Music from:
Majestics, Richard Berry, Orbits, Little Walter, The Crystals, Eddie Lang, Alex Spearman, Jimmy Reed, Eddie Dugosh and the Red Tops, Pat Hare, Wilburn Brothers, Roy Hall, Crawford Brothers, Smiley Lewis, Jimmy Patton, Art Neville, Jimmy Scott, Little Billy Earl, Eddie Holland, Bobbettes, Jeanne and the Darlings, Tami Lynn, Mabel John, Bob Kuban, Moms Mabley, Pearl Bailey, Irma Thomas, Peggy Seeger, Hank Penny, Etta James, Bull Moose Jackson, Lucky Millinder, Roland Stone, etc.
Audio sub themes in order of appearance:
1. Our shared XY chromosomes with cave men and troglodytes,
2. The XY romantic strategy of stranding a date in exchange for affection,
3. The XY romantic strategy of physical violence in exchange for fidelity,
4. The XY conclusion that if the above fails, using a gun will fine tune the strategy,
5. Various XY legal strategies,
6. Various XY prison escape strategies,
A set of music from the first person perspective of peeping toms before we hear the XX chromosomes response:
7. Should I leave him or shoot him?
8. Cheaters set
9. Disgusted with the XY
For those not suitably shamed into decency don't expect you're gonna get moral high ground from the religious fundamentalists:
10. Religious fundamentalists in their own words
11. The Deacon's vices
If the preceding isn't absurd enough for that 3am Saturday night drinking and driving crowd then the last call set will be:
I'm In Love With My Sister,
The Genitalia Of A Fool - perhaps the only song suggesting exposing oneself for romance, and
Bill - New Orleanian, Peggy Scott-Adams, song about finding her husband tongue kissing another man. (Who the hell thinks of these song topics?)
All-in-all a show that should be missed by all.

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