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The Worst Show of All Time

O'Reilly in mid-scream meltdown
We'll do it live!
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Cheney's smile
Jamie's show is the reason we'll be hit again.
Nagin playing with guns
See no hubris. Say no hubris. Hear no hubris.

Conspiracy theorists unite!

This Saturday night, we will broadcast audio and music that ties Bill O'Reilly, Dick Cheney and Ray Nagin to a common missing link. Audio snippets from Voldemort, Darth Vader, Butterfly McQueen, Paul Harvey, Marlon Brando (Kurtz), Secret Squirrel, Cleavon Little, etc. provides the evidence between the usual mix of roots music I personally looted from New Orleans homes after Katrina. Tune in for the conspiracy or to hear music you once owned. Saturday midnight to Sunday at 3am (May 9-ish) on the worst show to ever modulate the electromagnetic bandwidth of 90.7 MHz.


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