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Rockie Charles, Guitar Slim, Jr., Viváz!

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Rockie Charles

Rockie Charles & the Stax of Love

The Blues Tent delivered a double-shot of style right off the bat on Sunday. Rockie Charles & the Stax of Love came out out with some great blues 'n roll, with Rockie looking especially cool, undoubtedly feeling like the rock star he is.

Guitar Slim, Jr.
Guitar Slim, Jr., (pictured at right) was in street clothes the first time I saw him, just strolling on in to Jim Russel Records to buy their last copy of his own album. Without recognizing him, you could tell by the way he dressed and the way he held himself that he was a performer. Sunday he was in full force, coming out howling "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing" in his ultra-showy outfit, giving every camera lens a personal smile.

Viváz! had been moved from the final act at the Lagniappe Stage to an earlier show at Congo Square, filling in for Locos por Juana, who in turn was playing in Orishas' slot. (Visa problems prevented Orishas entering the U.S. for the show.) The Latin rhythms and wailing brass had hips a-gyratin'. Those of us here Saturday were thanking the weather from the bottoms of our sunburns, as these clouds and breezes provided a much more encouraging environment to appreciate what Viváz! had to offer.



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