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Day Two Begins to Wind Down

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The strength of the shows in the Gospel Tent are straining my ability to cook up superlatives! I happened to hear some ruckus going on in there and had to take a look: The Cork Singers had the audience out of their seats and strutting down the aisles in a train.... A little different from the choral ensembles, this Mississippi group (led by Earl McKinnis) was backed by some rollicking electric guitar licks by Linwood Nixon.

Cork Singers

Linwood Nixon (left) and Earl McKinnis of the Cork Singers

Choices were getting harder to make during the second-to-last time block at the Fest. The Gentilly Stage was packed tight with folks checking out jam-funksters Galactic, and clarinetist Pete Fountain played pied piper, attracting a huge crowd to the Economy Hall Tent. Irma Thomas and Third World pulled in some impressive numbers as well on the Acura and Congo Square Stages, respectively.

But over at the Jazz and Heritage stage were the Crescent City All-Stars. They may not be as much of a household name as the others, but they managed to ensnare lots of people traveling from show to show, their hard-driving classic New Orleans sound riveting them in place. Trumpet player James Andrews had an amazing energy about him and kept spirits high and light, dedicating "You Talk Too Much" to his ex-wife.

James AndrewsJames Andrews of the Crescent City All-Stars


Sonny Landreth Not LIVE on Radio WWOZ

Dutch fans(Netherlands) asked me why?
They Tuned in to hear Sonny Landreth :(

I am The moderator of the
DUTCH Sonny Landreth Fan Hyves
Sonny will come at 16th of may to the DUTCH festival called
HIGHLANDS where Blues Meets Rock!

Fans are Tuning in at WWOZ Radio To Listen Sonny as a pre-taste for what they can expect 16th of may in The Netherlands
Please can somebody tell me if the Booadcast will send out later?


Sonny Landreth @ HIGHLANDS Netherlands where Blues Meets Rock!

Sonny Landreth's "Uberesso" (his Passion for Espresso)
I made/dedicate this Clip special for Sonny and his fans! Because I'm sure Sonny saw the making of Espresso and the Rhytm and flow of the coffee and got inspired to make the brillant track "Uberesso," a blistering instrumental from Landreth and his band, inspired by Sonny's passion for espresso.Buy his New Brilliant CD "from The REACH"

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