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An apology for missing the day

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Just a quick hello to the listeners who noted my missing today's show. As you all know we are all volunteers who do our shows for the love of the music. As such most of us have another life that includes a "real" job. I am fortunate to work for a company with a management team that understand the importance of community radio and especially WWOZ. They give me the time each Wednesday to spend 2 hours bringing to you my favorite blues music.

My company provides machinery for the refining an chemical industries and since I know all of you appreciate lower priced gasoline.... when they call with a problem, they must get preferential treatment for my time.

This week I had two interviews scheduled and I understand that Bradley handled them very well, thanks for the catch. And, Thank you for your understand and I will see you next week.


no reason for apologies...

Hey Big D,

no reason for apologies really - sure we all missed you !
Glad to hear that it was "only" the job...
And good to know that if a refinery is leaking or needs a little something you are out there to fix it. Man after all you keep us running !
It is a joy and a privilege to meet you each Wednesday at the Crossroads.
Thanks for sharing your precious time with us.
And thanks to Kaydon for being so generous and "lending" Big D to us.

Looking forward to Wednesday !

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