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Tis the Season to indulge - New Orleans Music Show

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Special Show Air Time:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Program: New Orleans Music Show with George Ingmire

Carnival time is a chance for many to exercise unbridled drinking and partaking. People from the "land of last call for alcohol" and locals alike find themselves in cloudy states of mental depravity/bliss.

While I'm not condoning any sort of debauchery, this show is all about those indulgences that "plague" our citizens. You'll hear music that encourages, embraces and celebrates altering one's consciousness - no, there won't be songs about all the state-mandated pharmaceuticals on the market, no ode to Ambien or no Praise songs for Prozac. Just some whole-hearted songs of sobriety gone awry.

We might even hear from our former first lady.

Disclaimer: Drugs and alcohol have wrecked many a life, so this really ain't no laughing matter - neither this show, nor the radio station, encourages anything other than responsible behavior.

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon" - unknown

"If a fool persist in his folly, he will become wise" - William Blake

"Just say no" - Nancy Reagan

So Tune in, Turn on, and drop on by the radio waves, as we take a journey through songs like "the Viper's Drag" by Sidney Bechet and "Rum and Coke" by Professor Longhair. We'll even hear a song from the city coroner, Mr. Frank Minyard, recorded on a 45 back in 1977.

addendum: at the time of writing, I am in negotiations with Michael Phelps' PR people for a possible visit to discuss the perils of being both an Olympic multi-medal winner and a kid who likes the occasional bong hit. more later...


the obligatory disclaimer

its always an enthusiastic show when george kicks off with a disclaimer

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