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Bo Dollis Birthday/ Toussaint Birthday/ Remembering Cayne Miceli

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This show will be quite a balancing act. For one, I will be dedicating the show to the memory of Cayne Miceli, who passed away last week at the age of 43. Cayne loved New Orleans music as well as the rich Mardi Gras Indian culture of New Orleans.
Along with some songs reflecting on the tragic loss of Cayne (see link below), Allen Toussaint's birthday (born January 14th, 1938 - do the math) will be celebrated with his songs performed both by him and others. Ultimately, this show is about celebrating life, even as we see those we love move on to the next phase of existence.
Added: Bo Dollis celebrates his birthday on the 14th as well, so I will be playing a set of Wild Magnolia tunes somewhere in those 3 hours.
So tune in, turn on (your hearts and your minds) and allow the soul soothing sounds of the New Orleans Music Show to keep you company this Wednesday, January 14th - 11am to 2pm CST on WWOZ 90.7 fm or wwoz.org.
Cayne Miceli - rest in peace.


Cayne Miceli

She loved New Orleans so much. She and I often talked about the fact that my soul lived there and she would take it out dancing for me till I could get to town to visit it. She was one of the most vivacious and beautiful women I have ever known. Her laughter would fill a room. She loved her friends and music with pure passion. She tried to live elsewhere after Katrina but N.O. was her home. My soul is lonely this evening. Every ounce of my being wants to be in N.O. screaming WHY WHY WHY? There was no reason that she should have been treated the way that led to her death. Someone is responsible and this needs to be addressed. You say you want people to return and rebuild then why are there no services to help sick people when they need it? Jailing a small sick woman and restraining her till she dies is insane in the age we live in. This is torture. She just needed medical help with a problem she has lived with for years and instead she was killed and they are trying to discredit her and hide it. I have always wanted to move to N.O., I have a daughter in school at Loyola, now I wonder if she is safe there. What has happened to the most wonderful city that would allow this to happen. Mardi Gras will not be the same without our dancing at M.O.M.s. I loved Cayne, she was my friend. Thank you OZ for remembering a truly amazing woman. New Orleans get your act together and let people know this is NOT RIGHT!

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