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The Honorable South, "Faithful, Brave & Honest" and "Saint Charles Parish"

The Honorable South
The Honorable South at Jazz Fest on Friday, May 2.
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The Honorable South hails from New Orleans and combines elements of rock, funk, soul, and folk to create "electric soul rock-n-roll".  Writing about their debut Jazz Fest performance last month, Alex Rawls observed on My Spilt Milk that vocalist/songwriter Ms. Charm Taylor's joy "was obvious, endearing, and one of the most real things I saw among all the shows at the Fair Grounds."

Below we have two videos from The Honorable South's most recent release, Faithful, Brave & Honest: the title track, performed on a rooftop in the CBD, and "Saint Charles Parish", a moody song that features former Pogue Spider Stacy on tin whistle (though he's not in the video).


"Faithful, Brave & Honest"


"Saint Charles Parish"



Hey I think I missed the

Hey I think I missed the concert. I was free but I missed it. The singer looks so pretty and I know her.

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