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Even More Love Notes from Our Listeners!

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One of our favorite parts of Membership Drives is hearing from our listeners around the world, who are invited to share their comments about the station when they contribute and help us guard the groove. Here's a sampling:

Thank you for broadcasting the spirit of New Orleans all the way to the Commonwealth of Virginia!!!
Robert, Alexandria, VA

I wanna keep New Orleans funky.
Kyle ,New Orleans

Was in NOLA last Christmas and loved  WWOZ. Left my heart there so wanted to give as your station helps when I get lonesome.
Annie ,New Castle, CO

It's the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans! I can't think of a better use of money.
Joseph, Louisville

Thank you WWOZ for being the best station on Earth and keeping the spirit alive, even all the way out here on the West Coast. You are a bright spot in my day! If I can't be in my beloved New Orleans, you are the next best thing! I LOVE Y'ALL!
Ruby, Berkeley, CA

You play phenomenal music! 'Nuff said!
David, Waltham, MA

Thanks for bringing a bit of New Orleans to Scotland, hope to visit next year.
Lee, Selkirk, Scotland

My favorite station for many years!
Leif, Helsingborg , Swenden

WWOZ! Although I live and love far, far from you (all the way in London), I listen to you all the time in mood god or bad, loving or sad. You play the best tunes and you are a credit to your legendary town and music in general. Keep up the good work!
Kiril, London, England

As I get pleasure and inspiration from your music matching my taste and own show 'Jazzy Funky Stuff' on local radio Leinehertz in Hannover, Germany. Keep on groovin!
Frank, Barsinghausen, Germany

Important to support the wonderful and unique Cajun music of Louisiana. I listen online every Sunday morning my time, and look forward to the show all week.
Bathsheba ,San Francisco

Last week I was in New Orleans and there was a sequence of songs on 'OZ that played as I was driving down Rampart that was so amazing I almost drove off the road! Thank you for keeping the culture alive.
Mary, Dallas

WWOZ is the soundtrack to my every day life in New Orleans!
Anne, New Orleans

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