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More Love Notes from Our Listeners!

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One of our favorite parts of Membership Drives is hearing from our listeners around the world, who are invited to share their comments about the station when they contribute and help us guard the groove. Here's a sampling:

Like to thank Miss Sally for warming my heart on these cold new jersey winters.
Carl, Marmora NJ
I dont' live in New Orleans but I love the city - and 'OZ allows me to "be there" when I'm not.  Thank you!
Dana, Ellicott City MD
Morning trad jazz show was my friend as i did my rehab from a double lung transplant!
Alex Toronto ON
We discovered your station on a visit to N.O. on the rental car radio and haven't turned it off since. James and Mary Ann Rose, Denmark WI
Listening to 'OZ is truly a delight and one of my all-time MOST favorite things about New Orleans. Near or far, I will ALWAYS be a Guardian of the Groove!! 
Jim, New Orleans LA
WWOZ is the soundtrack of my life.
Matthew, New Orleans LA
I support WWOZ because every time I stream your station, I smile and my hips move.
Erin, Chicago IL
WWOZ Rocks! I listen to it every day in Athens, Georgia. The best station on the planet! 
Sheila, Bogart GA
'OZ holds my heart!
Bonnie, Longwood FL
Thank you OZ keep the music alive!
Charmaine, New Orleans LA



Why WWOZ Matters

Three years ago up here in Brantford Ontario Canada we planned our first trip to New Orleans. It had always been a dream. We found WWOZ on the internet and used it to plan our vacation. We listened to OZ every day before the trip What to do and who to see. We saw Johnny Sansone at Chickie Wah Wah's. Heck Dixie drove us home!! We have been back 9 times-and have listened to OZ every day since. NOLA is our new adopted home. OZ has made it all the food the friends and the memories possible. I am proud to be a WWOZ supporter.

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