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Love Notes from Our Listeners!

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It's Pledge Party time, vernal edition! We love hearing from our listeners, who are invited to share their comments about the station when they contribute and help us guard the groove. Here's a sampling:

We love you!!! We listen every day, can’t live without you!
–Gary & Gail, Elkton, MD

I love listening to the CD that y'all send out every year. Keep the music coming!!
– Michelle, Covington, LA

With OZ I can dance around my house and pretend I'm on Frenchmen Street.
–Jennifer, Oconomowoc, WI

Best on-air representative of the music from the most musical city in the world!
–Audrey, Easton, PA

I support WWOZ because I love the music and culture that they make possible for everybody to enjoy.
–Joe, Fredericktown, OH

I love this town, and I love OZ for bottling up the audio soul and shipping it to all corners of the world!
–Melanie, New Orleans, LA

Great programming presented by a great team! Your online presence let's me feel the spirit that is New Orleans wherever I might be.
–Peter, Washington, DC

WWOZ lets me visit New Orleans as often as I like.
–Mary, Los Angeles, CA

Can't do my day without it.
–Gerald, Madison, MS

Some say laughter is the best medicine. I say it’s WWOZ!
–Kathryn, Toronto, ON

I listen every day from Chicago. WWOZ is good for the soul.
- Michelle, Chicago, IL

It's the soundtrack of my life in New Orleans!
–Kristian, New Orleans, LA

I love the selections and diversity in programming that WWOZ offers. There's something for everyone!
–Mark, Mandeville, LA

Thanks to all the good folk at WWOZ for playing the beautiful music that never fails to make me smile. There truly is no other like you anywhere.
–Emily, Victoria, Australia



WWOZ keeps me singing and

WWOZ keeps me singing and shaking all day!
-Erin, Chicago

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