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Thank you Tesla (still waiting for the free electricity)

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When I was a small (problem) child, I hid underneath the covers at night with a small radio. I went back and forth through the stations and the white noise and the static of broken music and words. 

Late night preachers, forgotton blues, country songs about trucks, trains and honky tonk teardrops.

Back then, just a bitty little whisp of a tomboy country girl, I was fascinated by the magic box. Yes, there was life unknown, beyond my little world.

Free music to those who have a receiver. Thank you Nicola Tesla.

Here in the 21st century Radio as it was is nearly dead. Not WWOZ! Because we do not depend on commercial interests. 

We depend on listeners like you to keep the music free and "real". 





Bedtime radio

Very nicely put, Valerie.

When I was a kid

I used to make my own little crystal radios out of stuff I bought at the electronics shop. They had no amplification, but if I put the earpiece under my pillow, I could still hear the sound. With a good long antenna, I could hear the sounds of R&B in Seattle, 80 miles away. Thanks for your memorable post today.

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