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Vernal Pledge Party Underway Now!

Actually, this map is blank right now. But we're going to fill it up!
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Our Spring Membership Drive--AKA the Vernal Pledge Party--is currently happening (and happening, if you get my drift) and runs through Friday, March 28. WWOZ is only alive and kickin' thanks to the generous support of you, our family of members.

Here are some reasons to support WWOZ (originally compiled by Danielle Dietze):

  1. We play one-of-a-kind recordings with a personality that can't be matched. PLUS we still spin vinyl.
  2. We help support live music in New Orleans as well as community events in the area.
  3. Because in 2014, a commercial-free radio station is a miracle.
  4. From Traditional Jazz to Irish Jigs to R&B with Soul Sister, we cover a lot of genres.
  5. We're here for you 24/7, wherever you are! 
  6. Our volunteer show hosts craft their playlists with love, sweat, and tears. 
  7. The tireless staff are dedicated to keep the world's greatest station on air.
  8. Our surprise musical guests keep you on the edge of your seats. 
  9. WWOZ is a portal into New Orleans. Whether you're a native that's moved away or just enjoy the unique sounds the Crescent City has to offer, New Orleans is always just one click away. 
  10. We wouldn't be able to stay on air without the support and love from our listeners.
  11. Ernie K-Doe said so. 
  12. There's perks! Donation levels can get you exclusive thank you gifts like 'OZ swag, live music passes, and a membership to the WWOZ Social Aid & Pleasure Club. 
  13. Because, wouldn't life be boring without WWOZ? 


Here are the gifts that come with donations.

WWOZ Ball Cap

Featuring the new version of our logo, this sporty ball cap declares your 'OZilian status, in the Quarter, at Mardi Gras parades, or at home!
» Pledge/Renew Now

Kermit Ruffins Poster

Adorn your favorite indoor space with this beautifully shot photo poster of Kermit Ruffins.
» Pledge/Renew Now

Compilation CD No. 40

Lawdy, Lawdy, It's CD #40, our latest compilation CD, is filled with rip-roaring music from local and national acts, recorded live by WWOZ.
» Check out a sneak peak
» Pledge/Renew Now

Red Wolf Brass Band CD

Enjoy this CD entitled 7th Period from the Red Wolf Brass Band. From Riverdale Middle School in Old Jefferson, the band has appeared twice on WWOZ's Cuttin' Class.
» Pledge/Renew Now

Original Dr. Bob Art

Original Dr. Bob Art as pictured, limited to 100 members at the $504/yr ($42/mo) level.

All Members Get...

Discount Card & Bumper Sticker

For all donations $40 and up. Get great deals from local businesses.

» Discount details

» Pledge/Renew Now


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