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Shout Out: High School Marching Bands

McDonogh 35 marches in Oshun.
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Here's big shout out from WWOZ to all the high school marching bands that fill Mardi Gras parades with musical energy. If you're out at parades this weekend, look for the following bands: On Friday, McDonogh 35 marches in Oshun and St. Aug's in Cleopatra; on Saturday, McDonogh 35, St. Augustine's, Landry-Walker all appear in Pygmalion.

We're very happy to share a (very incomplete) schedule of local HS marching bands and which parades appear in. We'd love to include other bands if they provide us with their schedule information. Send 'em along to help@wwoz.org

Recommended: two long pieces on Mardi Gras and high school bands by national media outlets:

High School Marching Bands Lay Down The Beat Of Mardi Gras, NPR Music News

A School Band With History Crams for Carnival, New York Times Article

Finally, if your appetite needs whetting, here's a look at St. Aug's in last year's Mid-CIty parade.


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