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Revelation #2 from the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival--Lionel Louéké and Trio

Lionel Louéké
Lionel Loue'ke' is "a big, big fan of New Orleans" and his great guitar sings from Africa and the Blues with his Trio in Port-au-Prince
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In Part Two of our piece about Lionel Loue'ke' and his Trio at the 2014 Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival, we get three treats.

Lionel Loue''ke'First, the Trio with Michael Olatuja on electric bass and John Davis on drums takes off on an improvisation in which Lionel digs deep into the mixed roots of Africa and the Blues. His guitar sings like a great saxophonist's solo.

Second, the Trio plays "Freedom Dance" from Lionel's 2012 album Heritage, and the Festival crowd does aptly rise and move their limbs in many ways.

Third, Lionel talks warmly about his love for New Orleans and this city's music. He recalls his first visit, when he called Terence Blanchard from the Airport and said, "I'm home", and also relates how beignets in his native Benin, west Africa, are like those he found in New Orleans.

Lionel has been a guest on the WWOZ shows of Jellyroll Justice and Maryse Dejean and has played here with Herbie Hancock and Herlin Riley as well as Terence Blanchard.


Lionel Loue'ke' Trio--great guitar from Africa and the Blues--2014 Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival


"Freedom Dance" Lionel Loue'ke' Trio at the 2014 Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival


Lionel Loue'ke' talks about loving New Orleans and how beignets are in Benin. Interview, Jan. 2014, Port-au-Prince


--Maryse Dejean and Don Paul, Port-au-Prince, January, 2014

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