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Snow is Not Equivalent to Godzilla

Weather radar showing clear skys over Louisiana
Weather radar at 8:30am of Snow-Pocalyse Wednesday
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Saying "snow" (the "s-word) in New Orleans causes unadulterated panic.  The main routes out of town are closed, there was a run on grocery stores and businesses, government and airlines shut down.  No, it's worse than what you think.  Get this - there was a run on buying ice.  ICE!!!  The whole city was predicted to be a giant freezer full of ice/snow yet people were buying bags of ice all in preparation for today.  


Today I wake up to the predicted snow-pocalyse and find... no snow, no ice and wunderground. com reports zero chance of precipitation.  The streets are dry and deserted of cars.  


At least I don't hear non-stop gun fire as if that was a proper response to Hurricane Katrina.  


So tell me, is it just me or do we seem to have a reputation for irrational responses to weather?  


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