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'OZ's New Audio Player

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A screen shot of the new player.
A screen shot of the new player.

We're happy to share a test (or Beta) version of a new streaming audio player for wwoz.org, which enhances the experience of listening to WWOZ online.

Here's the link: http://www.wwoz.org/listen/player/html5/

There are two main differences from the existing player:

--The new player is based on HTML5 rather than Flash, which means it will work on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as other modern operating systems and devices.

--The new player uses a responsive design, so its layout will automatically adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes. To see this, open the link above on a desktop/laptop, then click and drag the browser window until it's about the width of a phone screen and watch how the parts rearrange themselves.

Bookmark the link above, on whichever device you want to listen, then every time you launch your browser, you'll have 'OZ at your finger tips.

Please, please, please! tell us about any problems you encounter, and share any other feedback you have, at help@wwoz.org.

A couple more FYIs:

--The background images rotate through a photo gallery (currently 8 images), which we can easily edit, so it will look different over time.

--During beta testing, clicking the main "Listen Now" button on the home page will still launch the existing Flash player.


Oz's New Audio Player

This sounds great but I will miss the old familiar 'tabletop radio!'

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