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Wisdom from WWOZ Members

Jorge Fuentes and Maryse Dejean
Jorge Fuentes and Maryse Dejean in the WWOZ Studio
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A few more thoughts from our members on why WWOZ deserves your support...

Earl, Gautier, MS:
I love the variety of music, the history and knowledge of the Deejay's and the overall NOLA feel. Dig!!

Brian, Metarie, LA:
I challenge all Federal employees to get off their brass and pledge now.

Bryana, Franklin, TN:
Thanks for being the true Guardians of the Groove and keeping Trad Jazz alive!!!

Corey, Nashville, TN:
I am a New Orleans native and I miss NOLA; thanks to WWOZ, I always have it.

Chris, Crowborough, ENGLAND
Because you are, truly, the greatest station in the known universe! And those bits we don't know about yet! Keep up the good work.

James, Brookhaven, PA
Listen to you all day at work, makes my day! Can I get a shout out to Philadelphia, PA??

Benjamin, New Orleans
Best radio station in the world! Thank you so much!

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