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James Carroll Booker III: The Life Music and Mystique of the Bayou Maharajah - the radio documentary

No, James Booker was never on South Park YET...
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Tonight (Tuesday) at 10 PM CDT on WWOZ - the Fool Tone Scientists on the Kitchen Sink will be playing the Silver Reel winning radio documentary:


James Carroll Booker III: The Life, Music, and Mystique of the Bayou Maharajah.


2 hours of Booker, who he was, what he meant, and watching out for the CIA.  We're doing this to get you ready for the showing of the great Lily Keber's fantastic Booker documentary, The Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker, playing Thursday at the Civic Theatre in the scenic CBD to close the New Orleans Film Festival. 


So if you want to get some idea of who Booker was so that you've not walking into Lily's film blind (not that that is bad thing), take a listen.  And it also has the voices of New Orleans musicians who are long gone like Tommy Ridgely, Alvin "Red" Tyler, Ernie K-Doe, and EARL KING (the secret hero of late 20th century New Orleans music, but that's another documentary).


James Booker radio documentary

The James Booker documentary is excellent.
I so wish I could have seen JCB, as the man was truly a genius.
The documentary is just great and I will be at the Bayou Maharaja showing on Thurs.
Thanks so much for this wonderful treat..it's shows like this that make OZ the best radio station in the world.
There is no other radio station anywhere that can even come close to a show like this.

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