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Cheese making and music tasting

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       Making cheese can be a long process, depending on what cheese is the target flavor mission.  I have only attempted cheese making twice,( both ricotta) because of the minimal amount of chance for a f%&k up.  And, I can still dance around the house and listen to new cd's and reflect on upcoming events.  Once such event is Tales of the Cocktail.  Being a bartender and restauranteur, Tales is a huge event for the city of New Orleans.  Originally started as a dinner party among friends, TOTC has grown into one of the biggest spirit events in possibly the world.  Five days of tasting rooms, seminars, spirited dinners and parties all hightlighting spirits and cocktails and their resurgence and evolution.  

     I have been going/involved with tales of the cocktail since 2007, and it has been a blast.  Bartenders, distillers, writers, drinkers all descend on the Hotel Monteleone and talk, imbibe, dance and eat their way through all things spirits. The seminars range from $45 to $60 and highlight different aspects of a professional bar.  Some examples:  The history of Hendricks,  Creating an excel spreadsheet for inventory, The Manhattan, Ice and its different styles.  You get the point.  The price includes what ever cocktails are  created for specific seminars.  The tasting rooms are just that, free samples of whatever spirit has the room. Usually a cocktail and a chance to taste the spirit in its original form.  Don't forget peoples, water is your friend!! The spirited dinners pair a restaurant and a mixologist(s) with an theme and specific spirits for a price.  Somewhere between $75 and $100 per person.  This is a one of a kind experience to see how the cities chefs work with different spirits and relate them to cuisine.  These take place on the Thursday during tales(July 18th, 2013.)  

    Then there are the parties, and use your imagination!! Some are giant events open to the public, and some are small invite only events. Many of these parties will have music, great music, to go along with the drinks!! So, if you are so inclined, check out the website below, for some ideas on what is going on. Also check out the live wire, because some of the music venues may be having tales inspired nights.  


I have included a recipe below for one of my favorite cockails, easily found at any of the craft cocktail bars around the city.
The Last Word
.75 oz.  Gin
.75 oz. Green Chartreuse
.75oz Luxardo Maraschino liquer
.75oz. Lime juice 
Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously
Strain into rocks glass with fresh ice.  
The list below also contains some cocktail bars in New Orleans that will be popping during Tales of the Cocktail
Cane and Table
Tivoli and Lee
 Ste. Marie
12 Mile Limit
Bar Tonique
French 75
Lucky Rooster
Happy Imbibing!


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