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Theresa Andersson's 'Street Parade' Mini-Documentary

Theresa Andersson in Muses Parade
Theresa Andersson flying high in the 2012 Muses Parade.
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If you saw the Muses Parade during Mardi Gras 2012, you might remember that Theresa Andersson performed aboard a giant puppet bird (see photo above). "I rode on this bird 12 ft. up in the air, and the Shreveport Puppeteers actually puppeteered and pushed the bird up the street. There was no motor," Andersson told (Nola Defender). Footage from the parade was used in the video for her song "Hold On To Me" from the 2012 album Street Parade.

What most people missed (based on its YouTube view count) is "Behind The Scenes: 'Street Parade' Mini-Documentary" (below), a fascinating look at the work that went into Theresa Andersson and her crew's appearance in that Muses Parade.

We get a sense of the enormous effort that goes into all parades, with the added logistical hurdles to performing atop a giant egret puppet. There's gear to line up, like generators, lighting, mics, rolling drum stands (hijacked shopping carts), as well as the singers, the dancers, the band, costumes, and everything else needed for a krewe of 50+ people.

The "mini-documentary" is less than 13 minutes long. Starting at the 8-minute mark, we follow Andersson & krewe along the parade route.



Here's the music video that resulted from the shoot documented above: "Hold On To Me".


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